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This spring has brought news impacting many people as the world-wide Covid-19 pandemic stepped in.  Could it be possible?  Schools closed? Restaurants closed?  Many events canceled?  It's happening and we all look forward to safe, 'normal' times.  Some people have used the time to go through old files and do house cleaning and house projects, get outdoors more, learn how to work from home, come up with kids' learning activities, go on a 'bear hunt', read more, call friends and family and prepare meals. Some cities are looking at the highest air quality in many years and no traffic jams. 

Social distancing (normal for some Scandinavians :-) and necessary changes to our lifestyles have become part of our lives in this first quarter of 2020.  No one would have expected this.  Businesses, organizations, and individuals are challenged to lay low, do more with less, and adapt.  Watching and listening to the news for updates - can be scary - for people near and around the globe.  Life is on hold, these times will not be forgotten, and we all are part of helping prevent the spread of it.  Stay healthy - body and mind.  Reach out to others via calls and computers.  Breathe in spring and refreshing life, the smell of moist soil (not buried in 2 feet of snow), and new times ahead (be patient) to rev up and return to our events, work, places of fun, learning and worship.  Supporting organizations in these times should also be a consideration as a considerate amount of fundraiser events didn't/couldn't take place.  Support local businesses. Take care of yourself and others.  A salute to the health care, grocery store, mail delivery and more workers that we see and are behind the scenes. 

In the April/May Look at Lakeside issue you can learn about a group of local quilters that meet regularly in Lakeside, a fun game that had over a dozen people meeting every week enjoying playing at Portman,  a neighbor who has found a new passion with oil painting nature, a quick recipe in a mug, and more.  The calendar was a challenge with so many events cancelled or postponed and more changes in announcements coming up everyday. 

Thank you to Naomi, Bill, and Jeanne for helping distribute the current issue to subscriber and to drop-off locations. The drop-off locations are temporarily reduced with so many places closed.  SuperOne Lakeside and Ecumen Lakeshore (front foyer) are the 2 main locations - and on the web.  Print a copy from the web to share with someone if you like who is homebound and doesn't have access to the computer. 


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Although people temporarily can't attend church, school, or go for a bite to eat or for coffee plus other daily stops  - these measures are part of community health efforts to avoid or slow down the spread of this disease.  Such a tiny 'invisible' thing - a virus - can have such a big effect.  A vaccine will be developed and become available  and people will become resistant.  In the meantime, extra washing of hands, awareness to not touch our faces, and stay home when possible is the way of life.  Lakeside folks  - be well.  I hope we can return to our lives as soon as possible - and be better.  In the meantime, we need to take one day at a time. 

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