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In the current Look at Lakeside issue you can learn more the Big Shoe that a gas station had for fun, what bats eat as analyzed by a local researcher,  meet a neighbor - Jean, Hawk Ridge counts, crowd hydrology, and more.  Fun events  - hiking, story time, and more.

Here is the link to the Roundabout plan and talk for Glenwood/Jean Duluth Rd.  

Lakeside Readers :  Come together on an alpaca farm visit Oct 10.  Pre-registration required. Trip limited to 7.  We will caravan (drive separately) and enjoy time with these furry (woolly) interesting critters. 


It's fall.  The squirrels are busy.  Watch for wildlife on the road. 


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LINK to Interceptor WLSSD project happening Summer 2020.  

LINK TO BRIGHTON BEACH PLAN - click for more info.

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