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Learn about solar energy being produced on Lakeside homeowners' garage, safety of our pipes, local business brief news, volunteer opportunitites, meet a neighbor who has been baking to help make it through the covid changes, and other bits.  Thank you to readers, subscribers, and advertisers! What else would you like to see in the newsletter?  Would you share local history on your house? 



    The Look at Lakeside outdoor rack is near the bench outside of Deluxe Insurance Group.  Magnolia petals almost look like snow.  We've had some sunny days (hours) in May. Fog adds it's own feel to the day. After a rain the clay washes downstream and out into the lake.  Lakeside Liquors had a visiting local business offering samples of Whiskey.  

Lilac, lupine, and crabapple blossoms are on their way.  Isn't summer a colorful show?  What shade of blue/grey/pink/red is Lake Superior?  

Have a safe and enjoyable summer!  Take in some of the City of Duluth activities and area business events in the outdoors or head out on the trails or look out at an overlook.  Duluth is the place to be. 



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Woman-Made: Marvelous Things Made by Northland Women 
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Peace Church, 1111 N. 11th Ave. E. 

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